Restaurant Equipment Supply & Repair Services

We provide the best restaurant & retail commercial equipment and supplies from trusted brands. We specialize in electronic cash registers, POS systems, printing scales, deli meat slicers, toasters, juicers, blenders, original replacement parts and more. We will help you find the right equipment for your business.

SAM4s Cash Registers / HK Systems Cash Registers / POS Systems / KIOSK / Weighing & Label Printing Scales / Register Paper Rolls / Printing Scale Labels / Juicers / Citrus Squeezers / Blenders / Deli Slicers / Conveyor Toasters / Commercial Blenders / Gardall Safes / Time Clocks

  • hk systems hk-7200 electronic cash register

    Cash Registers & Restaurant Equipment

    SAM4s cash registers & HK Systems cash registers, POS systems, printing scales, conveyor toasters, meat slicers, juicers, blenders and more.

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  • vollrath belleco conveyor toaster

    Restaurant & Retail Equipment Repairs

    Cash register repairs and programming, scale repairs, juicer machine repairs, conveyor toaster repairs, slicer repairs and blade sharpening.

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  • POS Systems, KIOSK & Payment Systems

    We supply, program and install POS & KIOSK systems. OKPOS system and Clover POS programming and installation. Merchant services available.

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  • Digital Signage & Business Websites

    Digital signage, digital TV menus, print menus & business websites for restaurants, cafes, delis and other foodservice or retail businesses.

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Smart Service & Delivery Robots

Grow your business and improve everyday operations while increasing customer satisfaction with our advanced service and delivery robots.

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Merchant Services & Payment Solutions

We aim to provide the best rates and service for our merchants. Our systems are reliable, our team is experienced and knowledgeable to provide you hassle-free installation and services.

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Digital Menu Boards

Transform your business with eye-catching digital signage and mouth-watering menu boards for just $20/month.

Digital Signage & Menus

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Replacement Parts

We carry replacement parts from major brands for all your equipment, from commercial juicer parts and accessories to conveyor toaster elements.

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